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Anonymous said: Hey, I most likely attending metacon in November, and this will be my first. We ar eleaving Saturday mornining, staying at a hotel, and coming home in Sunday. I will be doing all of this with a friend, and my mom will go with. Any advice you could give me would be great. Thanks in advance.

This is an etiquette blog, so that’s all I can give advice on.

Reminder: This is a HETALIA etiquette blog, so please keep questions HETALIA related.

I’ll go ahead and answer this for now.

Don’t suddenly hug people or in general enter their personal space without getting permission first.

If someone has an opinion different from yours, accept it and move on. Don’t give them attitude/harass for it. We’re all entitled to like different things.

On the other hand if someone is harassing you because you don’t share their opinion, ignore them. They’re not worth your time. If they’re going out of their way to continually harass you, inform con staff.

Don’t make fun of people’s cosplays. They worked as hard as they could to do something they love.

Be respectful of everything. The other attendees, con staff, convention center and hotel staff, guests, vendors, artists AND the locals. It’s important for everyone to have a good time. This means watch what you say, don’t make inappropriate  gestures, don’t leave trash, don’t destroy property and be polite.

In general be a nice/decent person and you should be fine.

If anyone else has some tips to share, please feel free to add.

Anonymous said: Hey, I don't know if you answered this but how can I control my fangirling around my friends about Hetalia? 1 friend gets mad any time I mention any book/tv show/movie I like, and says I am obsessed. I don't want to stop being friends with her, but it is like I'm not allowed to like anything. And it is not that she isn't into fandoms because she is, and I have to listen to her talk about Assassins Creed.

Think about something you’re not interested in. Say you have no interest in cars. Now imagine someone talking to you in depth about cars for an extended period of time. They may talk about what type of engine a certain model has, how it works, or the latest models that manufacturers debuted at the most recent car show. Chances are if you’re not into cars and they keep talking about it for a long time with details you don’t understand or care about, you’re going to get tired of it at some point. In you’re talking about your interests with this sort of depth to someone who doesn’t share or want to learn about your interest, you may be going overboard.

However, to say that someone can’t ever talk about something they’re passionate about is very insensitive. Friends don’t have to like the same things, but as a friend they should accept that their friend may have different interests and they may get excited and want to share what they love and that’s okay. We all love different things.

To give an example, my roommate loves horror movies, I do not. But I don’t mind her telling me about whatever movie she just watched because I know she likes them and it’s fun to see her excited about them. In turn there are things I like that she doesn’t, but she’ll let me talk about them, because we’re friends and that’s what friends should do.

If your friend won’t let you even mention a thing you like, but expects you to listen to her likes, then she’s probably not a very good friend. And while conflict is never fun, it may need to be pointed out that’s it’s not fair that she won’t let you share your interests when you listen to her about her interests.

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Please do not ask this blog for advice on what or how to cosplay. We are not a cosplay blog and neither of us mods have much experiencing in making cosplays. 

If you want to discuss a concern about a cosplay or cosplay accessory that may be considered offensive, that sort of thing we can offer opinions and advice on.

I’m not trying to be mean, I just think there are much more qualified people to take cosplay related questions. If anyone knows of a good cosplay advice blog (especially if there’s a Hetalia related one), please let us know so we can link it!

Thank you for your understanding.


Anonymous said: Hi, I need some help. Me and my sis are pretty good at researching and she came across a Germany fanart, but the flag was drawn incorrectly. My sis was polite & calmly corrected, but the artist blew up at her. My oc Laos is a country whose people are mostly Buddhist and the swastika (not rotated like the Nazi one) represents peace, but someone made a big fuss about my art, even after I explained!

You both did the right thing by confronting them politely. Unfortunately some people just don’t take criticism well at all. It’s good to explain things to give people a chance to learn or to recognize their mistake, but sometimes they refuse to listen and nothing you say will make them change their mind. At that time it’s best to just back off so it doesn’t turn into a big argument, save yourself the stress, especially if they’re just being immature. You did what you could.

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Anonymous said: Where I live, you are either a preppy, cocky idiot, or a red-neck Jesus freak. I am working on my Finland cosplay currently but I don't really have any friends or family to express my oddness out to. How would you suggest finding good "geeky" friends, not only for cosplay, but for a friend in general?

If you’re looking for friends in your area, my best suggestion is checking to see if any local schools, libraries or other such organizations have a public anime club. I know in my city there’s also a couple theaters that have an anime night. Those would be good spots to meet local fans. You can also check to see if there are any facebook groups for local fans. I’m in two Hetalia groups for my area.

Hetalia specific, there’s Hetalia Day in October. It’s a few months off so there’s no list of meetups yet on the site, but you can always keep an eye out for a Hetalia Day meetup in your area, or if you’re feeling really gung-ho you can organize one yourself, set up an event page on facebook and get local fans together that way. We’ve met some really nice people through Hetalia Day, so I definitely recommend it.

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Anonymous said: Hi! Um, so I have this little problem. With cosplaying. I want to cosplay France, but, I'm poor, I have acne that I have no idea how to get rid of, I'm a bit short, and have a very regulating family. Aside from that, there's always the fandom. Not only am I worried about being an idiot with all these amazing and well-known cosplayers, especially for that character, but I'm also afraid of France's fanon view. (You know, that whole rapist and overly perverted thing.) Do you have any advice?

Cosplay to have fun. I have seen plenty of Hetalia cosplays from people with similar circumstances as yours, including France. I never saw those things prevent them from having a good time, at least not at our Hetalia Day that I am aware of. 

As for the “rapist/overly perverted” fanon view. Don’t do it. To any France cosplayers, don’t be like that. Whether or not someone may think the character is like that, it is inappropriate, especially for public gatherings, extra especially for public gatherings with MINORS around. It is a violation of other people’s personal space, makes everyone feel uncomfortable/embarrassed, and can likely gain you a bad reputation. If anyone pressures you to act in such a manner, kindly decline. If they’re upset that you don’t act like that, that’s their problem.

By the way, if anyone harasses you, either going too far with being “in character” or trying to get you to do those sort of things and won’t take no for an answer, etc, please report it. As someone who helps run Hetalia Day I would much rather know about such an incident and deal with it, than find out after the fact.

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chain-link-stories said: I'm perfectly fine with people cosplaying as ocs, besides, we're all dressing up in cosplay of characters, and its not like they're going to go around saying they're a cannon character. Ocs are apart of the community in all the fandoms, so why not cosplay as one if you want to?

Thank you for sharing your opinion!

Anonymous said: Hi there! I wanted to ask if it would be a good idea to cosplay as an oc country. Me and my friend want to cosplay as Mexico and Philippines, as we have the traditional costumes we wore for a cultural festival performance a little while back. We're planning to go to Fanime and cosplay their, but we don't know how the fandom will react.

I apologize, I’ve been sitting on this question debating how to answer. I’m not much of a cosplayer. I’ve done 2.5 Hetalia cosplays (all South Italy related), so I’m not really sure how the fandom reacts to OC cosplays. I don’t believe there should be an issue with it. But in this case, I’d like to hear some opinions from other cosplayers on the topic of Hetalia OCs.

So, Hetalia cosplayers, please let us know what your opinions are on OC country cosplays!

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Anonymous said: Hi! I wanted to cosplay as one of my favorite Hetalia characters, but she's Caucasian and I'm a person of color. Is this ok?

Of course it’s okay! Please cosplay your favorite characters as you like!

I live in an area with a high population of people of color and they cosplay as they please, everyone from England to Japan to Seychelles. I’ve also seen caucasions cosplay people of color as well. The important thing is to have fun and love your character. Don’t let anyone shame you for not having the same ethnic background as the character you cosplay. And if anyone does try to shame you for it, ignore them. They aren’t worth your time.


This should probably be obvious, but for anyone cosplaying a person of color, please don’t try to “tan” yourself to match the skin color. That can be very offensive and considered racist, even if you don’t mean it to be. Don’t do.

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fem-usa said: Hello Hetaquette! Is this blog still in business? I wanted to give you a big promo because I love this blog so much and I want my followers to read what you have to say. Is it ok if I do? :)

It’s perfectly fine if you’d like to do that.  We’d welcome it!

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